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List of accepted papers

Applicability of Loop Recombination in Ciliates using the Breakpoint Graph

Robert Brijder, Hendrik Jan Hoogeboom, Michael Muskulus

The language of cortical dynamics

Peter Andras

Dynamic complexity of chaotic transitions in high-dimensional classical dynamics: Leu-Enkephalin folding

Dmitry Nerukh, George Karvounis, Robert Glen

Parametric Spectral Analysis of Malaria Gene Expression Time Series Data

Liping Du, Shuanhu Wu, Alan Liew, David Smith, Hong Yan

Classifying the World Anti-Doping Agency's 2005 Prohibited List Using the Chemistry Development Kit Fingerprint

Edward Cannon, John Mitchell

An Efficient Algorithm for Finding Long Conserved Regions between Genes

Yuh-Dauh Lyuu, Tak-Man Ma, Yen-Wu Ti

A structure-based analysis of Single Molecular Force Spectroscopy (SMFS) data for bacteriorhodopsin and four mutants

Annalisa Marsico, Tanuj K. Sapra, Daniel J. Muller, Michael Schroeder, Dirk Labudde

Improved Robustness in Time Series Analysis of Gene Expression Data by Polynomial Model based Clustering

Michael Hirsch, Allan Tucker, Stephen Swift, Nigel Martin, Christine Orengo, Paul Kellam, Xiaohui Liu

Beating the Noise: New Statistical Methods for Detecting Signals in MALDI-TOF Spectra below Noise Level

Tim Conrad, Alexander Leichtle, Andre Hagehuelsmann, Sven Baumann, Joachim Thiery, Christof Schuette, Elmar Diederichs

Software Supported Modelling in Pharmacokinetics

Regina Telgmann, Max Von Kleist, Wilhelm Huisinga

Building Structure-Property Predictive Models Using Data Assimilation

Hamse Mussa, David Lary, Robert Glen

Solvent effects and conformational stability of a tripeptide.

Maxim Fedorov, Stephan Schumm, Jonathan Goodman

Set-oriented dimension reduction: Localizing Principal Component Analysis via Hidden Markov Models

Illia Horenko, Johannes Schmidt-Ehrenberg, Christof Schuette

The Reversal Median Problem, Common Intervals, and Mitochondrial Gene Orders

Matthias Bernt, Daniel Merkle, Martin Middendorf

Grid Assisted Ensemble Molecular Dynamics Simulations of HIV-1 Proteases Reveal Novel Conformations of the Inhibitor Saquinavir

Kashif Sadiq, Stefan Zasada, Peter Coveney

Relational Subgroup Discovery for Descriptive Analysis of Microarray Data

Igor Trajkovski, Filip Zelezny, Jakub Tolar, Nada Lavrac

On the interpretation of high throughput MS based metabolomics fingerprints with Random Forest

David Enot, Manfred Beckmann, John Draper

Promoter Prediction Using Physico-chemical Properties of DNA

Philip Uren, R. Michael Cameron-Jones, Arthur Sale

A Simple Method to Simultaneously Track the Numbers of Expressed Channel Proteins in a Neuron

Aldo Faisal, Jeremy Niven

A Point-Matching based Algorithm for 3D Surface Alignment of Drug-sized Molecules

Daniel Baum

Adaptive Approach for Modelling Variability in Pharmacokinetics

Andrea Y. Weiße, Illia Horenko, Wilhelm Huisinga

A Hybrid Grid and Its Application to Clustering Orthologous Groups for Multiple Genomes

Tae-Kyung Kim, Kyoung-Ran Kim, Sang-keun Oh, Jong-hak Lee, Wan-Sup Cho

A New Approach to Flux Coupling Analysis of Metabolic Networks

Abdelhalim Larhlimi, Alexander Bockmayr

Construction of correlation networks with explicit time-slices using time-lagged, variable interval standard and partial correlation coefficients

Wouter Meuleman, Monique Welten, Fons Verbeek

High-throughput identification of chemistry in life science texts

Peter Corbett, Peter Murray-Rust

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